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I Can Help You Feel Confident to Build an Active Future

Without Adding Too Much Time to Your Day

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A Stronger Body

As we step into the future, our body changes. It is possible to create, or maintain, a strong body. This helps to step into the future with confidence


Knowing we can look at the future with with purpose helps to build confidence as we create, or maintain, an active and engaged life

General Health

Health works at many levels, from the physical to the mental. Simple steps can be included in, or added to daily tasks without too much effort

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Greater Later Living

It is time to stop feeling daunted by a future lacking purpose and energy. Become your own expert

  • Living Towards an Active Future

  • Being active well into the future is a real possibility and it doesn't have to take hours out of every week, or even every day

  • Physical Health

  • Lifestyle has a huge impact on our health. There are simple ways to boost immunity and gain physical strength

  • Reinvent Yourself

  • Life stops when we reach the end of the road, not before that. We can create awareness and find purpose for an active future

  • Refresh Facial Features

  • Introducing steps to Refresh and Rejuvenate facial features naturally

  • Media

    Hear What Others Are Saying...

    Thank you for creating these exercises, they are simple yet useful and we should be doing them regularly for strong muscles. The pictures are useful and your exercise steps clear and easy to follow. I plan to incorporate these throughout my day!!! I am 66, thanking meds for osteoporosis. I walk 2plus miles 5-6 days a week. These will be a good addition to my daily routine. Thank you!

    Maureen Fagan

    New York

    I have enjoyed learning so many health tips from you Anne. What I find really helpful is the Breathing Method which energized me in the morning. I love the journey to Glorious Ageing by applying the knowledge you shared. Thanks for the Planner, desired results can only be achieved through consistent daily actions! Anne, you are an inspiration and a testimony of the effectiveness of everything you have taught us during this workshop, with love and respect

    Nellie Fung


    I just want to thank Anne for the programme - as I work with the elderly, I see how invaluable this information is. I am more confident going forward into my future.  The information you share has helped my physical health on many levels, my body feels stronger and it feels more resilient. 



    Anne has delivered a fantastic online course. It was an real eye opener for all age groups. Each topic came well prepared and Anne's enthusiasm is real, you really do not want to miss this. I more than enjoyed it and have experienced real benefits from what she shares.

    Maaike Simpson


    About Anne

    Striving for better always has a positive impact. That’s why Greater Later Living provides you with a great mix of tools to help you grow into the best version of you.

    My mission is to help you achieve a strong & healthy body with a positive outlook, so you can keep enjoying life beyond today.


    Through my coaching and services, I will try to set you up to live your best life! I am driven to provide a professional, genuine, and unique creative approach to living life.


    I share knowledge and experiences gained through my 71 years of living and working with clients for the past 24 years. I want to inspire you to live a life you’ll embrace!


    With an innovative approach and vision, I want to help you achieve a way of life where you feel comfortable in your skin. Because a world with confident and happier people, is a better world.

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